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TALKING TOGETHER: conversations about religion. Living and learning Together as neighbours – Sarah Thorley

December 14, 2018

TTCARThis is aimed at Year 7 pupils, possibly as a bridging exercise cross phase and consists of rather stilted conversations about rites of passage. Until half way through, the tasks are undemanding and wouldn’t please OFTSED – then again this was published in 2003.

It’s good that she includes non-religious perspectives.

Also good that she draws attention to diversity WITHIN religions.

She has consulted the great and the good, e.g. Owen Cole and John Keast.

All Souls Day is November 2nd but the author has confused it with Hallowe’en.


Bimi. My family don’t eat any meat at all. We’re vegetarian. Many Buddhists don’t eat meat. We don’t like to kill any animals. There’s plenty of food in the world to eat without killing animals!

Judith. Well my Buddhist friend from Tibet says they do eat the meat of yaks, because there aren’t enough crops growing in the mountains of Tibet to feed everyone.

Bimi. I don’t think there’s a rule for Buddhists not to eat meat. Buddhists don’t go in for a lot of rules anyway. But the Buddha’s teaching is to respect all living beings. So I guess we each work out for ourselves what that means.

Candice. I didn’t know you were Buddhist. We don’t have any rules about what we can or can’t eat. But even though I like meat, I don’t eat it because I think factory farming is cruel to the animals, so I’m vegetarian. Drives my Mum nuts!

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