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Encounters with faith: Visits and visitors as part of Religious Education and collective worship in Surrey schools – Surrey SACRE

October 18, 2018

the purpose of all visits is educational, not to evangelise or proselytise;

members of belief communities should recognise that they are speaking as an individual, and that their views may be part of a spectrum of diversity within that community;

pupils will not be taking part in worship, but may be observing it;

Particular care should be taken over certain elements such as ‘dressing up’ or ‘acting out’, and teachers should be aware that for some people (pupils and/or their parents),

this may cross the line (in worship terms) between observing and participating. It may be safer to ask for a volunteer to demonstrate e.g. wearing clothing, prayer positions, rather than suggesting that ‘everyone does it’, or at the very least, making it clear that such actions are voluntary.

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