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Caged “Uitgesproken” (original title)

October 13, 2018

David and Neils spend most of their time working out together on the local sports ground. Meanwhile their gang of friends harass a local boy for being gay. But their tight friendship is about to be thrown off balance by a secret Neils has been keeping.

Caged is another story of friendship put to the test though with a different dynamic from Boygame. David and Neils are running buddies who also play football with other teens in the local sports ground. When Neils is caught kissing a local gay boy who’s been harassed by the football gang, David is confused and has trouble accepting the truth or maybe he’s disappointed by the fact his friend didn’t confide in him. If you add to the picture that David’s girlfriend has been hanging out with the harassed gay boy and gets mad at David for siding with football gang in ostracizing Neils, you get the full picture of the conflict at stake. Despite the positive message and solid performances from the main cast, the film suffers from wanting to explore thematically more than its limited running time allows and from a way less convincing casting in the bullies department as those characters feel stereotypically written and performed.

You can swatch it here.

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