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Un Mundo Para Raúl (A World for Raúl )

October 8, 2018

AWFRWhen thirteen-year-old Raúl is asked to entertain the local landowner’s son, a game of power and pride starts between the two boys. We certainly all know that exploratory sex play occurs at that age-so what? And that the power between social classes can be strong and confusing as one enters their teenage years.
Raúl is a thirteen-year-old boy who accompanies his father to their landowner’s mansion to entertain the man’s son while their parents talk business. Long time acquaintances, the kids go from playing football and swimming to the landowner’s son making unexpectedly indecent advances to Raúl because of his powerful position. The kids are rather convincing as they pull off the nuances their roles demand and the story is interesting and original because of the way it integrates the LGBT themes with sociological ones within a peculiar environment.

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