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Responding to Preaching – John Leach

October 8, 2018

What do we expect to happen when we preach? Do we expect anything at all? How do we expect people to respond? How do they expect to respond – if at all?

It challenges people  to take seriously the words we use in worship and let them be real and true and alive.

The ‘response’ he seeks is limited to ‘coming to the front’, ‘service’ to staffing the coffee rota.

His idea of ‘prophetic action’ in limited to church rituals – no smashing of nose cones of nuclear missiles here.

He knows nothing of disability theology when he opines: Whether you go in for quiet sacramental healing services or Vineyard-style free-for-alls (there is that private/public split again) the fact is that heal­ing is, quite properly, a growth industry in the church after centuries of neglect. One end of the spectrum would assert that we all need healing right up until we die, and that healing which leads to wholeness is a very different thing from ‘curing’ specific illness (although personally I am puzzled to know how you can be ‘whole’ and ill at the same time),


perhaps the greatest occasion for perjury is the postcommunion collect mentioned above, where we offer ourselves as living sacrifices and then scuttle past the coffee rota in case we are grabbed to sign up for a week.

let us challenge people not to join in if they cannot say the words and mean them.

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