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The Last Time I Saw Richard-

August 20, 2018

Set in a teen mental health clinic, we meet lone wolf Jonah who is forced to share a room with the newly admitted Richard. The boys form a connection based on mutual respect and some common demons; though Jonah soon discovers that not everybody wants to be saved.

Toby Wallace (Jonah) stars in another film (feature length) written and directed by Nicholas Verso, Boys in the Trees. In that film he plays a teenager named Corey, who used to be best friends with a character named Jonah,they spend Halloween night together reliving their childhood together. That film also contains darklings and other fantasy elements. Originally the Jonah which Wallace played in this short film, and the Jonah from Boys in the Trees were meant to be the same character. Since Toby Wallace had grown significantly he was cast as the best friend Corey and Jonah was recast. Nicholas Verso has said that while he no longer considers them (The two Jonahs) the same character they are meant to be seen as parallel to each other. For instance, both Jonahs wear a red hoodie and both self harm.

You can watch it here.

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