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Burger (Mork)

August 6, 2018

Set on location in Cardiff, Burger is an observational study looking at the variety of customers that a late night burger bar attracts. Norwegian filmmaker Magnus Mork has painted a beautiful portrait of both gay and straight couples. It is the fourth short film to be produced by the Iris Prize, the world’s largest lesbian and gay short film prize valued at £25,000, after Mork won the short film prize in 2010 for The Samaritan. Winner of Sundance Short Film Special Jury Award for Direction and Ensemble Acting 2014.

In the overlit clincism of the familiar milieu of a takeaway sometime around 4am, a microcosm of youth on a comedown, the silent plight of the oil-scented owner seen, but never heard. Writer-director Magnus Mork cleverly captures the unpredictable rhythms of drunkenness, adeptly swerving his focus around a growing set of characters and exploring, in just 14 minutes, levels of prejudice and aggression without being too blunt or hackneyed. As a result, Burger feels a little uneventful, but Mork’s feels like a voice that carefully modulates between message and form.

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