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Coming Out

August 7, 2017

COPeople bang on about ‘family values’ yet a father throws out his own son for being gay and a person puts his career before his relationship.

This is the Canadian TV, Mini Series that will inevitably draw comparisons with the UK’s `Queer as Folk’.

Mathieu is a photographer who has been sowing some wild oats after splitting with long term partner Ian; but then he turns up on the scene again after being the victim of a homophobic attack. We also have Gen who is married to Olivier, she is a doctor and he is a cop and he is also sleeping with his wife’s work colleague Hugo.

The explosive lives, loves and losses of an intermingled group of Montréalers are explored as they confront the subject of difference. Managing a modern relationship can be a mess. Single? Attached? Married? Divorced? Open? Closed? The most common answer is ‘It’s complicated.’ Get ready to come out with these characters as they negotiate acceptance, prejudice and just how much they’re willing to risk in the pursuit of love and happiness. Mat (Mathieu Blanchard) is a gay fashion photographer with nothing out of his reach until his ex, Ian (Marc-André Poliquin) resurfaces.

There are twelve episodes and they last about twelve to fifteen minutes each, so these are very bite sized indeed and it feels a bit like Groundhog Day as one of them ends and the next begins.

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