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Partnership for the Common Good: Inter Faith Structures and Local Government

July 30, 2017

Good Practice Guidelines looking at some of the issues involved in working with, and helping establish, local inter faith initiatives.

Published in association with the Local Government Association, the Home Office and the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister , 2003.

“The development of effective local inter faith structures, bringing together representatives of different faith communities in a local authority area, can

provide a valuable framework both for promoting mutual understanding and co-operation between them and as a mechanism for consultation by the local authority and other public bodies.  Local authorities can provide valuable encouragement and

support for the launching of initiatives of this kind in areas where they have yet to be established and also in helping to sustain existing local inter faith structures. ” Guidance on Community Cohesion

Any local faith umbrella bodies (such as Churches Together and Jewish  Representative Councils) are vital to have involved at an early stage and also the main places of worship of the various faiths.  Succes Common Statement of the Faith Communities of Cardiff

We bring greetings from the faith communities to the Lord Mayor, Council and the people of Cardiff. We offer to Cardiff our commitment to seek to live together in peace and goodwill. We affirm our desire to promote respect and tolerance for the integrity of each other’s beliefs, cultures and traditions. This desire arises not only

from our common humanity but also from our being people of faith and prayer.

We recognise that as neighbours we have responsibilities to the community, the world and ourselves.

We urge all our fellow citizens to put aside intolerances, malice and strife, in order to attain peaceful and fruitful coexistence and cooperation.*

*This declaration was the focus of a large event bringing together civic and faith community leaders. Similar civic greetings and statements of commitment have been made by faith communities in a number of towns and cities such as Brighton and Hove and Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (where the first declaration of this kind was developed)

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