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Building Good Relations on Campus – Inter Faith Network

July 24, 2017

BGROCReport of a consultation arranged by IFN, in association with the Equality Challenge Unit, to explore the tasks involved in building good inter faith relations on campus in a way which respects the distinctiveness of each of the faiths involved.

I was surprised that the man from UVVF wanted dialogue.

faith groups are some of the most active or ganisations on campus. You cannot really have a community based approach without having dialogue between those groups.

We have to realise that people bring all kinds of emotional baggage with them into inter faith dialogue. When I was talking about training earlier this morning I did not mean that there is just one way of doing inter faith work. But we need to understand the basic principles of how to interact with one another. In Islam we call it adab which is about the interaction with people. It consists of very simple steps, like you said, like having a smile, being hospitable and welcoming people

Since 43% of young people are in higher education then that is where we need to put our Church’s resources. The Synod did pass a motion that in principle we should have a whole time chaplain in every university. In reality what happens is that the majority of our chaplains are funded by the Church itself although some are paid by the institution, particularly in the case of ones which are Church foundations. However, there has been some emergence of university-funded chaplaincy in the new

universities, formerly polytechnics. Usually where a university puts in funding this is to enable the work that is not for a Christian chaplain as such, but a coordinator of a multi faith team. Another model is where different denominations come together to fund the chaplaincy

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