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Inter Faith Relations in the UK: The Next Decade

July 18, 2017

2000 National Meeting Report, examining how inter faith relations need to be developed in the coming years.

This was written before 9/11. Inter Faith work had progressed but tended to be limited to liberals and enthusiasts.

Much leadership and expertise came from the RE world.

A Parliamentary Inter Faith Group was on the horizon.

Materialism was a common Enemy.

Where a faith community has a particular problem of its own it is helpful if other communities can speak up in public on its behalf. For this to be possible there is a need to brief other communities on the problems which the faith community has.

The media can often be hostile to religion and shows a lack of understanding of it. For example, at the celebration of Diwali organised by the Hinduja Foundation at Alexandra Palace the press focused, not on the religious content of the event and its emphasis on tolerance and communication between faiths and cultures, but on the dress which Mrs Blair was wearing!

Interfaith marriage is a difficult and sensitive issue but there is a need to develop strategies to ensure that young people who do marry across faith boundaries are not lost to their communities.  (Few, other than Rabbi Jonathan Romain, have made positive contributions here.)

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