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Statement on Inter Religious Relations in Britain

July 16, 2017

A statement agreed by IFN’s member bodies in 1991 and reprinted in 2006.

This statement was first published by the Inter Faith Network for the UK in 1991, four years after it was founded.  The statement was developed and endorsed at that time by all the organisations then in Network membership.

It is only by meeting with those who live another religious tradition and by listening to their beliefs, stories, insights, and experiences that we can learn from others as well as about them. We need to meet in a variety of ways: both formally and informally; in structured discussion and in shared social occasions; among neighbours and friends; and through community representatives meeting at local and national gatherings. Although some issues are common to all and need to be explored together, there are others which are of special concern in the relationship between particular religions

When people are secure in their own religious tradition and are able to open themselves up to  “the other” and to try to “stand in the other’s shoes”, they often find that their own attitudes, perspectives and understandings are expanded. This can be a personally challenging process. But it can contribute significantly to our understanding of the depth and seriousness of the affirmations of others. It can also open our eyes to aspects of our own tradition which we had not fully appreciated. It is engaging in this process that will lead us to find  ways in which we can together build a better society

It’s online here



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