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July 14, 2017

Does the Taleban represent the true face of Islam? Short essays on this subject are interwoven with fictional conversations between the author and his irreligious neighbour. A story develops from his stereotypical attitudes and builds to a climax when the neighbour’s daughter begins dating a Muslim boy! A very ‘corny’ending which  is followed by a clumsy appeal to penal substitutioinary atonement.

But the author quotes the Qur’an out of context (Sura 5 was about self-defence when attacked at the Battle of Badr; Sra 9 was after someone had broken a peace treaty) and then cites its interpretation by the Ayatollah Khomeini as if he were normative in the use of war and force.

His Protestant v/s Catholicism analogy for Sunni v. Shiah is over simplistic.

There is nothing about the sublime holiness nor the refined philosophy of Islam.

The title is a bit creepy – the conversations took place in a back yard but there’s a hint that the Muslims are getting too close or comfort.

The publishers also produce stuff by Philip Jenson so we are obviously in the hand of narrow Sydney Anglicanism.

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