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Faith, Citizenship and Shared Life in Britain Today: Discussion document – InterFaith Network

June 20, 2017

FEBA discussion paper developed by IFN’s Executive Committee in 2007 to address fundamental questions about the place of faith communities within society, the nature of citizenship and of ‘Britishness’ and related themes.

Contribution to society can only thrive in the absence of barriers of discrimination and inequality

Citizenship is not about enforced conformity

Dissent and robust engagement are very different from extremism and violent opposition

What will constitute ‘Britishness’ in the future is being shaped here and now through the practical realities of the ‘conversation’ in encounter and exchange between those who live together in this society. This ‘conversation’ has to include those with cultural and faith traditions which are relatively new to this society as well as those whose family histories have been interwoven with the history of these islands for centuries past. ‘Britishness’ will constantly evolve in the light of this conversation. It is not, and never has been, a fixed identity.

Distinctiveness of society in Britain and common loyalty and commitment

Yet there is also a need for the citizens of any country to have some sense of the distinctiveness of the society which they share. Britain today is our society, the one of which we, as British citizens, have co-ownership. We need to value it, to appreciate its strengths and work together to remedy its faults, seeking the common good and rejecting any attempts by those, of any persuasion, who try to sow division between us or advance their arguments through coercive or violent means.

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