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April 7, 2017

1985, Frankie is the new understudy for an up-and-coming San Francisco based modern dance company where six muscular male dancers move their way through bold, athletic choreography. Bad boy Todd, a handsome and established dancer, watches the innocent Frankie with interest and as opposites attract, the pair quickly realise they may want to be more than just friends. When one of the dancers is injured Frankie must perform in his place â this is the opportunity of a lifetime but is Frankie good enough? Outside of work, Frankie and Toddâs relationship deepens and together they face a new kind of test. A disease is spreading across the city and few know anything about it, except who it targets. But as they quickly learn to navigate a world filled with risk, they also find it is full of hope. With electrifying dance sequences and an 80s soundtrack, TEST lovingly recreates gay life in 1980âs San Francisco.

It captures the fear raging through the gay community as the AIDS epidemic begins to devastate a lot of people’s lives. The HIV test has just been introduced, and the characters are at first hesitant to be tested because of paranoia surrounding this misunderstood disease. Newspaper headlines talk about the possibility of quarantining HIV-positive men, and when a female dancer notices that her bare-chested male partner is sweating, she asks him to dry himself off before resuming their rehearsal. Gay men on the dating circuit also face new challenges. After years of accepting promiscuity as the new normal, they have to rewrite the rules for their sexual and romantic encounters.

As Frankie and Todd’s friendship deepens, they navigate a world of risk – it’s the early years of the epidemic – but also a world of hope, humour, visual beauty and musical relief.

Frankie: My lap is your pillow.

Todd: Don’t get a boner.

Frankie: You wish.


Frankie: Jesus, Todd, what are you, twelve?

Todd: [referring to Todd’s nudity] I’m not the one that looks like a little boy.


Todd: I’m sorry I said what I said. You have a totally hot body.

Frankie: You think? Maybe I should sell it and make a little extra cash. Oh, wait. Only a fucking moron would do that.


Todd: Look at these.

Frankie: Hickeys?

Todd: Yup.

Frankie: Who gave ’em to you?

Todd: Some guy.

Frankie: Does he have a name?

Todd: Probably.


Jennifer: Need to find you a real man.

Molly: And what’s a “real” man?

Jennifer: One with hair on his titties.


Frankie: Do you know what scares me the most?

Todd: What?

Frankie: If I get…

Todd: Get what?

Frankie: I can’t say it.

Todd: If you get sick, that’s how your family finds out. You come out by dying.


Todd: I hardly ever sleep with anyone my own age. Almost my own age.

Frankie: Yeah, me neither.


Frankie: Wonder if there’s gonna be this, like, wave of monogamy because of all this.

Todd: Well, I mean… it’s one way to be sure, right?

Frankie: I guess. It seems so unnatural, though, just being with one person. It’s like some sort of massive unnatural challenge. It’s like a test.

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