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The Good, the Bad and the Wurst: The 100 Craziest Moments from the Eurovision Song Contest – by Geoff Tibballs

December 25, 2016

tgtbatwThe creator of this ‘feast of lamé, latex and leather’ saw it as a means to ‘foster unity’ in Europe. Post-Brexit, it looks like he failed.

It may be a ‘time to send the brain away for the weekend’ but its music isn’t ‘instantly forgettable’ as I am still humming songs – earworms.

Many songs are padded out with ‘la la la la’ or end with a urinary plea’oui oui.’

A Spanish contestant died three days after ‘dying’ on stage.

In 1957, Denmark’s Birthe Wilke and Gustav Winckler enjoyed a 13-second kiss because the stage manager forgot to say ‘cut’ during the live broadcast. The 1976 Greek entry was a savage indictment of Turkish foreign policy in Cyprus.

This book chronicles the 100 craziest moments in the history of Eurovision – the drag acts, the bad acts, the nul points heroes and the night in Luxembourg when the floor manager warned the audience not to stand up while they applauded because they might be shot by security forces. It captures some of the magic from this yearly event that continues to beguile and bemuse in equal measure.

There were silly costumes, terrible lyrics and performers as diverse as Celine Dion and Dustin the Turkey.

There’s Abba and Conchita Wurst, drag acts, the bad acts and all the nul points heroes.

The author confuses ‘due to’ with ‘owing to.’

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