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Walking Backwards to Christmas – STEPHEN COTTRELL

December 21, 2016

wbtcThough the Christmas story is well known, most have learnt it from school nativity plays and carols. On the whole, this familiar version is more concerned with light than darkness. The backwards approach taken here allows the movement to be in the opposite direction, enabling us to get under the skin of a complex narrative.

We begin by seeing through the eyes of Anna, the prophetess; followed by Rachel, who weeps for her children; King Herod; Casper, a wise men; David, a shepherd; Martha, the (so-named) innkeeper’s wife; Joseph; Elizabeth; Mary; Isaiah and, finally, Moses.

This book is very imaginative and the author uses a lot of poetic license but he confuses Passover with Yom Kippur on p. 8

wbtc-2 O Sapientia comes in right on cue with the wise men.

I think the chapters are too long. They didn’t hold my interest.

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