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After (Once/Now/Then/After) by Morris Gleitzman

October 27, 2016

afterThe third book in the trilogy jumped so much time that it is good to see that this book fills in some of the missing years.

I love it when Felix says ‘You know how when’ followed by something impossible for most of us.


After The Nazis took my parents I was scared

After They killed my best friend I was angry

After They ruined my thirteenth birthday I was determined to get to the forest, to join forces with Gabriek and Yuli, to be a family, to defeat the Nazis after all

You know how when you reach a forest swamp sunset and the ground is so wet it’s shimmer and you see what looks like an island way o across the water and you think what a great hi place but you don’t go there because you want to be able to find…


It’s wonderful when a war ends, but then you remember that things will never be the same. Everyone you’ve lost will still be dead.

Parents and relatives and pets and best friends. And some people, even if they’re not dead, you’ll never see again.

I hate war and the way it makes you have so many sad thoughts, because now I can’t stop thinking about Gabriek.

I can’t stop thinking about how he’ll be feeling after the war.

He’ll be glad the Nazis are defeated, but there’s something he won’t be glad about. He won’t be glad he ever met me and Zelda. And I can’t blame him. If we hadn’t arrived at his farm, Genia would still be alive.

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