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BEING DISCIPLES: Essentials of the Christian life – Rowan Williams

September 13, 2016

bd2Lots or platitudes but easy to read and some nuggets.

After an opening chapter on the general meaning of discipleship, there are chapters on:
– faith, hope and love
– forgiveness
– holiness
– faith in society
– life in the Spirit


I’ve always loved that image of prayer as birdwatching. You sit very still because something is liable to burst into view, and sometimes of course it means a long day sitting in the rain with nothing very much happening. I suspect that, for most of us, a lot of our experience of prayer is pre­cisely that. But the odd occasions when you do see what T. S. Eliot (in section IV of ‘Burnt Norton’) called ‘the king­fisher’s wing’ flashing ‘light to light’ make it all worthwhile. And I think that living in this sort of expectancy — living in awareness, your eyes sufficiently open and your mind both relaxed and attentive enough to see that when it happens — is basic to discipleship.

bdI have often quoted the words of the seventeenth-century saint Francis de Sales given to a lady who was asking his advice about spiritual direction. He said, ‘I’ll start giving you spiritual direction when you have begun to walk more slowly, talk more slowly and eat more slowly.

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