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Church Urban Fund Impact Report 2015

May 26, 2016

CUFThis report shows what the Church Urban Fund achieved in all aspects of its work during 2015.

It says that churches are uniquely placed to bring about positive change. It talks about credit unions and debt advice in Newcastle and Canterbury; food banks in Lancashire, multi-faith work among the homeless and job clubs.

One has to ask why the churches are plugging the gap created by government cuts instead of lobbing government – though the report does say that they influence government by their reports.

In ‘The Word that Redescribes the World: The Bible and Discipleship’,  Walter Brueggemann shows how Israel lamented the loss of city and imagined a new start – he suggests that the churches should get involved in prophetic action – so maybe things like the Church urban Fund and the Oasis project aren’t so much doing the government’s work for it but demonstrating truth to power.


Churches in particular are responding to recent events by becoming even more involved in the life of their local neighbourhoods. Some of our recent research shows that around 10 million people rely on activities provided by churches – a staggering number. Through our Near Neighbours programme, we also work alongside people of other faiths and none, who share the same enthusiasm and passion for building flourishing communities

In Lichfield, Transforming Communities Together held a conference on ‘Asylum Seekers and the Church’, bringing together 120 people from across the region, to learn from 15 local organisations about how to support refugees in their communities. As one delegate shared, ‘this day has given me the ammunition to encourage my church to become more involved and to help support refugees.’ Together Liverpool held training for over 30 people from the local council to prepare them for receiving the borough’s first asylum seekers. Capital Mass, our Together Network Member in London, has appointed a specialist worker, funded by the Diocese of London, to coordinate diocesan-wide activities in support of refugees and asylum seekers.

The report can be downloaded from here

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