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Faith in Tower Hamlets

April 22, 2016

THThis Agreed Syllabus for RE came in in 2012 and is due for revision in 2017. In common with most other syllabuses of its time, it gives a lot of detail about the aims of the subject, contributions to children’s development, attitudes, skills etc. Newer syllabuses tend to be more concise and to the point.

It specifies 5 % curriculum time. It has two attainment targets, which have since gone out of fashion.

Although pupils at KS2 are to cover two religions in depth, there is also scope for them to look at the other main religions. It narrows down again to two religions only at KS4, which is a shame because one would want older pupils to go into the theology of the major world religions in more depth.

There is good, detailed provision for early years/foundation stage.

There’s a transition unit for primary/secondary.

6th Form RE is specified but there is no real depth – it talks about ‘improving’ and ‘continuing’ rather than giving examples specific to this age-range.

TH 238% of the borough’s population is Muslim. ‘schools are at liberty to plan to teach using material from other religious traditions and belief systems represented in the class, the local community and in the UK ‘ – Well yes, in Tower Hamlets that’s a lot – but if this was adopted in a more culturally monochrome district there would be even more need to study the faiths not know locally.

Pupils MAY go on visits to places of worship but this in not compulsory as it is in some other syllabuses. However, the language is strengthened at KS 3 to suggest visits ‘where possible.’

 Assessment is by the 8 level scale but its use is optional.

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