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Napoleon’s Haemorrhoids: … and other small events that changed history – Phil Mason

April 14, 2016

NHAOETCHDoes an ‘invisible hand’ guide our destinies?

If a friend hadn’t stopped the young Hitler committing suicide…

The Donation of Constantine, upon which much of papal authority derived, might have been a forgery.

Luther’s constipation meant that he read a lot.

Because the English loved drinking tea, made with boiled water and antiseptic tannin, they could more likely live in cities and avoid diseases, so the Industrial Revolution happened here.

Marx had some medical condition that made him feel alienated. Is that where his communist theory came from?

If Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s car hadn’t taken a wrong turn in Sarajevo would the First World War really not have started?

The bomb on Hiroshima might not have been dropped had an interpreter known Japanese better. The Japanese had been seeking peace and the word, in a response to America, might have meant ‘more information needed’ but could also mean ‘ignore’ The translator gave the latter meaning.

Seb Coe explains how he was able to be an Olympic runner by saying that if you had a name like Sebastian and grew up in Sheffield, you had to be able to run fast.

As a child, I collected new Matchbox toy cars every week. The idea for their manufacture came from a complaint of a little girl that her school did not allow any toys which couldn’t fit into a matchbox.

The State of Israel refused to marry a couple because one of their ancestor had been divorced 2,500 years ago, which disqualified the groom as a Cohen.

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