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anti-gay texts: One flesh

March 18, 2016

one fleshOne flesh = marriage?

a man/woman leaves his/her father and his/her mother and clings to his/her spouse, and they become one flesh’

That description cannot apply to Adam, who had no father or mother to leave.

Were Adam and Eve were actually “married”?

Conservatives say that one flesh is to have sexual intercourse or beget children, but that is a minority reading in the OT itself.

Prof. Brownson (Professor of New Testament at Western Theological Seminary)   says that it frequently means nothing more than becoming kin.

Genesis 29:14 and Laban said to him, “Surely you are my bone and my flesh!” And he stayed with him a month.
Judges 9:2 “Say in the hearing of all the lords of Shechem, ‘Which is better for you, that all seventy of the sons of Jerubbaal rule over you, or that one rule over you?’ Remember also that I am your bone and your flesh.”

2 Samuel 5:1 Then all the tribes of Israel came to David at Hebron, and said, “Look, we are your bone and flesh.
2 Samuel 19:12 You are my kin, you are my bone and my flesh; why then should you be the last to bring back the king?’
2 Samuel 19:13 And say to Amasa, ‘Are you not my bone and my flesh? So may God do to me, and more, if you are not the commander of my army from now on, in place of Joab.’”
1 Chronicles 11:1 Then all Israel gathered together to David at Hebron and said, “See, we are your bone and flesh.

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