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Plymouth Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2014

March 8, 2016

plymouthThis document is influenced by two recent and major reports on RE:

“Realising the Potential” Ofsted – October 2013 and “A Review of Religious Education in England” The Religious Education Council (REC) October 2013.

At 14 pages, it has heeded the request for shorter documents. There’s no detailed proscription for content but previous guidance documents are still recommended.

The former 2 attainment targets are now merged into one.

It asks for 5% curriculum time – though I thought this was no longer allowed because schools were free to manage their curriculum how they like.

The 6 strands are still in place.

Humanism starts to get a look-in at Key Stage 2.

There is no provision for KS4 or Post-16. There should be because many schools are now preferring non-exam to the boring new GCSE and A’level syllabuses.

It is available online here

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