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Devon Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2014

March 8, 2016

DevonThis syllabus is dedicated to the memory of Terence Copley; Professor of Religious Education at the University of Exeter 1997 – 2007. His example as a teacher and his prolific output as a writer continue to inspire us. He certainly inspired me.

It asks for 5% curriculum time – though I thought this was no longer allowed because schools were free to manage their curriculum how they like.

The 6 strands are still in place.

The attainment target Engaging with Religions and Worldviews brings together the two former attainment targets.

Humanism starts to get a look-in at Key Stage 2.

The Programmes of study are similar to those in other syllabuses but a lot of stuff previously in Key Stage 4 is now at KS3.

There is no provision for KS4 or Post-16. There should be because many schools are now preferring non-exam to the boring new GCSE and A’level syllabuses.

It is online here return to the home page

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