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Jesus and the Adman by Rhidian Brook

February 29, 2016

JATAA fable that explores the themes of ambition, fear and death. Someone so obsessed with his work that he resents his father’s death because it means that he will have to take a day off work to attend his funeral.

Johnny Yells – young, fit, ambitious advertising executive – finds his father’s death peculiarly useful: at the funeral he gets the idea for his first really successful campaign. The Smiling Jesus changes the face of life assurance and brings Johnny acclaim throughout the advertising world. With a promotion, a new car, a new flat in a swanky part of town, he’s getting all he ever wanted. So what is it that is making him so obsessed with his own death, so detached from those around him? And is the fact that the Smiling Jesus on the campaign posters seeming to frown at him a sign that he is going mad?

There’s an echo of the Picture of Dorian Gray.

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