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Sex and the Confessional – N. Valentini & C. Neglio

February 15, 2016

SATCA series of invented confessions actually given to priests in Italy and tape recorded – caused a scandal at the time as it broke the seal of the confessional, as does, presumably, my reading of it – but I found the title irresistible and feel justified in having read it. The Roman Church is clearly on the defensive about it and is rightly so, given its ludicrous views on sexuality.

Cases where a middle-aged woman “on the shelf’ finds a lover in a separated man and whose neuroses disappear as she becomes loved – yet the priests tell her she is in mortal sin and must cease this relationship end take up chastity.

Cases where a couple are scared of sex because of the risk of yet more children, where the husband withdraws or where oral sex is used.

The priests involved ought, for their penance, to be made to read Fletcher’s ‘Situation Ethics’ and some Marxist treatise on marriage; also some sexual psychology.

SATC 2 If the Roman Church continues to pontificate on sexuality from the standpoint of casuistry, she will continue to be out of touch. I take the point that to adopt a more liberal stance will appear to be condoning the current, Western attitude to sexuality which regards it as a mere animal appetite which can be divorced from emotions – but if the church insists that sex is only for marriage and procreation, people will ignore the WHOLE teaching of the church, rather than see that much of Christian morality makes sense for human wholeness.

Most despicable were the priests who counselled a man to be chaste (wife having divorce him) and said that it would be better for him to go with a prostitute now and then and repent later than to form a permanent liaison ( (as this would be living in sin and would thus cut him off from grace). The Anglican Church does no better in its attitudes to gay people – whore many counsel a similar situation – two people living together is not within the plan of God for people whereas the church can turn a blind eye to occasional indiscretions.

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