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RE-searchers – Giles Freathy, Rob Freathy and Geoff Teece.

January 22, 2016

TRSThis resource for Religious Education in primary schools features Debate-it-all Derek (who evaluates truth claims), Ask-it-all Ava (who likes interviewing and empathising with people), Have-a-go Hugo (emotional, seeks experiences and feelings), and See-the-story Suzie (who engages with narratives), but collectively they’re known as the ‘RE-searchers’. Each character holds different assumptions about religion(s) and advocates different research methods (e.g. questioning and arguing, interviewing and empathizing, participating and experiencing, and narrating and exploring interpretations).

It was partially inspired by Edward De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats.

It’s one of the outcomes of the research project: RE-searchers: A critical dialogic approach to Religious Education in primary schools. It seeks to draw pupils into the kind of informed, critical and sensitive dialogues which are at the heart of academic studies of religion(s), and to teach pupils how to participate in the sort of academic enquiries which give rise to knowledge and understanding of religion(s).

There are detailed schemes of work on Jesus, including disciples, miracles (though I’m not sure about the appropriateness of Dynamo walking on water), Holy Week and Easter (with too much emphasis on penal substitutionary atonement).

They also use ther Cornwall Agreed Syllabus when it comes to Hinduism – families, traditions, concepts and values; Judaism – Shabbat, Torah, Islam – belief, worship, Sikhism – belief, buildings, values, rituals

They use YouTube and REQuest.

They include evaluative comments by teachers and pupils.

It’s online here.

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