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Unseen Things Above – C. Fox

January 8, 2016

UTALike many of her previous books, the author frames her story around issues effecting Anglicans: Gay marriage, women bishops, gay bishops etc. However, it feels like she has more interest in her characters than in the issues this time. She loves hem, rather than the ‘issues’.

I loved the naughty girl, Leah – was the author like her?

I think Freddie May’s character is completely over the top. Moving in anglo-catholic and collegiate church circles as I do, I know many like him but not like the author portrays – a caricature.

The good bishop Bob had a heart attack rather than confronting a high profile gay clergyman with his gay wedding. Would that the bishop of W.(let the reader understand) in real life suffered the same before refusing to license a gifted friend of mine.

BUT – new bishops are announced on Tuesdays, not Fridays (unlike p. 180)


Gone is the golden age of Book of Common Prayer uniformity, the days of `Here’s a digestive biscuit, take it or leave it.’ Gone, too, are the late unlamented days of the Alternative Service Book. (`Here’s a choice: digestive, Lincoln, rich tea or garibaldi.’) We now inhabit the age of the biscuit assortment. (`Here, have a rummage.’) Heck, we are pretty much in the age of the liturgical bake-off. Provided some of the right ingredients are used, frankly you can go ahead and make your own. Anything, provided there are biscuits to feed the hungry people of the UK!

‘Bless you, my darling, I know you love that vinho verde: He gives a dainty shudder. ‘But some of it was so young, drinking it was prac­tically a safeguarding issue.’

Giles skimmed the references. Look at that: Freddie had been gain‑

fully employed as a cocktail waiter for the last six months. ‘Cheerful.’ (Stoned.) ‘Reliable.’ (Consistently stoned.) His boss at the Cuba Club had ‘absolutely no hesitation in recommending Frederick for the position he was applying for’. Neither had the director of music at Barchester Cathedral. Take him! Someone, anyone! I’ll pay you! screamed the subtext. Or was Giles just imagining that?

evil-gelical master plan

cattily catholic

tends to mean saying some nice circling prayers and singing Iona worship songs, rather than burning Calvinists in wicker cages. In any case, attempting to burn Calvinists is a theological nonsense. If they are meant to burn, they will.

There are members of the Prayer Book Society, but they are not armed and dangerous (think of them as the Anglican wing of the Sealed Knot).

A quick Google search outs him as another Evangelical, which in cathedral circles means he’s guilty of being a prat until proved innoc­ent.We shall, of course, reserve judgement; but, wincingly, as though we can already hear the strains of Slane in four/four playing in the background.

Nor did he commit that most heinous of Evangelical crimes: interlarding the liturgy with helpful little explanations.

‘Well, I’d describe him as Charismatic stroke Open Evangelical.’ `I would never stroke an Open Evangelical.’

He maintains the orantes position stiffly through the preface, hands lined up with nipples the rubric states

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