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Oxford Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education

December 7, 2015

OxfordshireWe are currently reviewing our Agreed Syllabus for religious education in the light of new instructions that syllabuses for National Curriculum subjects should me minimalist, about ten pages long (currently, the average weighs in at about 580 pages). Where do you draw the line between giving guidance to teachers with other specialisms and getting them bogged down in huge documents are difficult to navigate?

Other issues to be taken into account is the change from assessment by levels to other arrangements that individual schools have made; also the successful legal judgement in favour of the place of Humanism in RE.

So we have been looking at other syllabuses in order to choose our basic approach.

This one is far too big and it still has two attainment targets and assessment levels. Some of the requirements at Key Stage 3, e.g. the ability to synthesize, are too difficult and really belong in Key Stage 4.

It allows for non-religious life stances ‘where appropriate’ but doesn’t give much further help – and why do humanists have to to be labelled negatively as ‘non…’?

Lesson plans and grids are too vague: the language is generalised despite taking up a lot of pages.

The document is online here

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