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Herefordshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education

December 7, 2015

HerefordshireWe are currently reviewing our Agreed Syllabus for religious education in the light of new instructions that syllabuses for National Curriculum subjects should me minimalist, about ten pages long (currently, the average weighs in at about 580 pages). Where do you draw the line between giving guidance to teachers with other specialisms and getting them bogged down in huge documents are difficult to navigate?

Other issues to be taken into account is the change from assessment by levels to other arrangements that individual schools have made; also the successful legal judgement in favour of the place of Humanism in RE.

So we have been looking at other syllabuses in order to choose our basic approach.

This is by far the most superior and had the work of Lat Blaylock all over it. Lat is an energetic teacher trainer who trials all his work with real children. His approach comes from what used to be called the Christian education Movement, which is a child-centred, liberal approach but which also has academic rigour.

It has helpful lesson grids without been over-prescriptive.

It has Humanism without it being too dominant.

Sadly, there is no guidance beyond external examination work for Key Stage 4. The new GCSE is so bland (despite this document saying that GCSE is ‘the best’ way to do RE) that many schools are now considering offering non-statutory, general, non-exam RE.

It weights in at 114 pages but schools can buy in more detailed lesson plans.

It is available online but is behind a paywall unless your local authority buys into it.

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