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Why white poppies?

October 29, 2015

white poppySince the 1920s, some people have worn white poppies rather than red ones, in the belief that the best way to honour those who have died is to commit to active peacemaking.

The white poppy was made by women who had lost loved ones in World War One. They approached the makers of red poppies, and asked them to print “no more war” in the centre of the poppies. Their request was refused, so they made white ones instead.

The British Legion insists that red poppies are “neutral”. However, they also say that the poppy is about remembering soldiers not civilians, only British soldiers and not ‘enemy’ soldiers, and states that they are about remembering those “who died for our freedom.”

In 1926 the No More War Movement suggested that the red poppies should have “no more war” inscribed in their centre. The idea was rejected by the British Legion.

Robert Lee, the British Legion’s spokesman, told the Guardian: “I am glad that they have noticed the change in campaigning. It’s a fair cop. There have been criticisms, mainly from older veterans.

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