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Deconstructing Harry

October 4, 2015

DHHarry Block is a well-regarded novelist whose tendency to thinly-veil his own experiences in his work, as well as his un-apologetic attitude and his proclivity for pills and whores, has left him with three ex-wives that hate him. As he is about to be honored for his writing by the college that expelled him, he faces writer’s block and the impending marriage of his latest flame to a writer friend. As scenes from his stories and novels pass and interact with him, Harry faces the people whose lives he has affected – wives, lovers, his son, his sister.

Harry Block: All people know the same truth. Our lives consist of how we chose to distort it.

[Talking about life] The Devil: It’s like Vegas. You’re up, you’re down, but in the end the house always wins. Doesn’t mean you didn’t have fun.

Harry Block: You know, I cannot understand why the most sophisticated of women can’t tell the difference between a meaningless, hot, passionate sexual affair and a nice, solid, tranquil, routine marriage.

Joan: [breaking down] Tell me, Harry, just tell me something. Was she the only one, or were there others?

Harry Block: No, Amy Pollock was the only one, may God strike me dead if I am lying.

Joan: You’re an atheist, Harry!

Harry Block: Wha-hey, we’re alone in the universe, you’re going to blame that on me, too?

Joan: [angrily tears papers from typewriter] Stop your tap-dancing…

Doris: You have no values. With you its all nihilism, cynicism, sarcasm, and orgasm.

Harry Block: Hey, in France I could run for office with that slogan, and win!

Burt: Do you care even about the holocaust, or do you think it never happened?

Harry Block: Not only do I know that we lost 6 million, but the scary thing is that records are made to be broken

Doris: It’s tradition.

Harry Block: Tradition is the illusion of permanence.

Harry Block: What? You have air-conditioning in Hell?

The Devil: Sure! Fucks up the ozone layer!

Harry Block: The most important words in the English language are not “I love you” but “It’s benign.”

Harry’s Father: I’m a Jew. I don’t believe in Heaven.

Harry Block: Where do you want to go?

Harry’s Father: A Chinese restaurant.

Harry Block: All people know the same truth. Our lives consist of how we choose to distort it.

Harry Block: Between air-conditioning and the Pope, I’ll take air-conditioning.

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