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Africa United

October 3, 2015

AUAfrica United is a heart-warming film about friendship and unity in pursuit of a shared goal. It follows the thrills and spills of a marathon journey.

An 11-year-old Aids orphan who lectures on condoms and safe sex to his peers, his younger sister who wants to be a doctor, and a middle-class soccer star. They end up in war-torn Congo, escape from an orphanage with a tough, traumatised fugitive child soldier and push on to South Africa for the opening match. On the way they’re joined by a resilient young prostitute, and the quintet bond on the hazardous journey. The middle-class lad throws his mobile into Lake Tanganyika to break away from his censorious mother; the child soldier casts his revolver into a river to signal his rejection of tribal violence.

The movie addresses some of the big issues of Africa today — from the genocides in Rwanda to war, HIV/AIDS testing, prostitution, the plight of orphans and education — but creates a balance that shows the humanity, hope and adventure of children no matter what their background.

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