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Beautiful Boxer

September 27, 2015

BB 2Based on the true life story of a Thai who wishes to have a sex change operation to become a woman. to pay for this he enters the brutal world of Thai boxing, un-nerving his opponents by performing a makeup application ritual before each fight.

The movie starts out with scenes depicting a man getting ready for a fight, a very masculine portrayal of himself. With body oil, and all the right gear that a MALE boxer would need. However, there is also a scene that the movie keeps switching too, a scene of a beautiful “woman”, that is very feminine, getting ready with stockings, a reddish dress, jewelry and very sexy red nails. The switching of the two scenes sets the stage for the movie… A Beautiful Boxer. You already start to see his inner turmoil to become what he already knows himself to be…a woman. This movie is based on a true story of a Thailand Transvestite, named Nong Toom/Parinaya Charoemphol, who is a boxer who “fights like a man, so he can become a woman”.

BBAlmost every male Thai child goes through period of their lives when they taken in by the monastery and try to accumulate good Karma for their parents (at least that is how I understood it though the movie), so Toom also went. He was told that he had had bad Karma in a previous life and now must suffer through this life wanting to be what he is not. Many more events unfold… this movie is brilliant in showing a person’s inner chaos and pain and at the same time keeping a sliver of hope for something better, something better to come.

“It’s hard being a man. And it’s difficult being a woman. But the most difficult thing is trying not to forget who you really want to be.”

It’s Rocky in mascara!”

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