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Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging

September 27, 2015

ATAPSComedy about the growing pains and romantic ploys of teenager Georgia Nicholson as she navigates the tricky paths to self-acceptance and mature relationships with her family, friends and boys.

Themes: finding your identity and being yourself, appearances are deceptive, values, family and friends and sexuality and adolescence.

Dave the Laugh: You’re beautiful.

 Georgia Nicolson: If you haven’t noticed I am a woman now. I wear a bra!


Robbie: I wrote a song about you.
Georgia Nicolson: Really?
Robbie: Yeah. It’s called “Bitch in Uniform”.

Rosie Barnes: Phwoar, they are sex gods!

Georgia Nicolson: Libby! Stop licking Robbie!

Georgia Nicolson: I don’t care anymore about looking perfect, it’s so overrated! I don’t need a nose job or blond hair, cos my sex-god boyfriend likes me JUST the way I am!

Wet Lindsay: Robbie, this is your last chance. It’s either her – sad olive girl who gets everything wrong – or me, the woman who’s so perfect for you.
Robbie: [Robbie reaches down and pulls Georgia onstage] Georgia’s perfect too. She’s just a perfect nutter.

Georgia Nicolson: I’m not boylingual yet.

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