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September 23, 2015

DiaKale is a young teen who, while under house arrest, becomes a peeping tom on all of his neighbours.

After his father is killed in a violent car accident, Kale does not know how to cope emotionally. His outbursts of anger include punching out his high school Spanish teacher. He is soon sentenced to three months house arrest. Once his mother eliminates his subscription to X-Box Live and iTunes, Kale finds himself getting a little stir-crazy, and he resorts to binoculars to find entertainment. Intrigued by his own “Reality TV without the TV,” Kale soon learns all of his neighbours’ dirty little secrets.

During his “stakeouts,” Kale comes to believe that his next-door neighbour may well indeed be a violent serial killer wanted by the police. Kale begins to notice that his daily routine seems to be a bit erratic, as his neighbour sneaks in late at night and oftentimes mysteriously disappears in the day. When similarities begin to surface between the neighbour and the attributes of the killer on the nightly news, Kale knows that he has to prove his neighbour’s guilt or risk other innocent lives being taken.

Kale’s interest turns into an obsession. His obsession soon turns into a deadly game, a game that neither Kale, his mother, nor his friends may survive.

The film’s translation in Russia is “Paranoia”

The title “Disturbia” is a play on the words “disturb” and “suburbia”.

Ronnie: It reeks in here!
Kale: What’s it smell like?
Ronnie: The corpse of a rotting hottie.



Ashley: [Turner has just broken into Ashley’s car] What are you doing?
Mr. Turner: Well, I’m officially welcoming you to the neighborhood. I know that you’ve been following me
[Ashley begins to protest] Mr. Turner: No, no, no… Don’t deny it. I’m not upset and quite frankly I don’t even want to know why. I just would like you to know that I’m a little on the shy side. So short of all of this sneaking around in some kind of hip new aged way coming on to a somewhat older man. [He begins to caress her hair]
Mr. Turner: I really feel oblidged to tell you that I rather enjoy my privacy. You see the world is in a heightened state of paranoia and I tend to think that someone as intelligent and attractive as you doesen’t need to be wasting her time… stoking the fire.
Ashley: [Frightened] I…
Mr. Turner: So now you know… Your not the only one who’s watching. [Turner then puts the car key back into the ignition]
Mr. Turner: So feel free to pass that along if you’d like.
Mr. Turner: Cool?… Are we cool?
Ashley: Cool… Cool…
Mr. Turner: [Whispering] Cool.

When the house arrest lady is explaining the ankle bracelet to him she says “they will know where you are 25/7.” However, this could have been said by the character to emphasize that Kale’s movements are always being watched.

“Every killer lives next door to someone.”

Kale’s willingness to risk his life for others – “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends”. Themes of friendship and courage are present pervasively throughout the movie.

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