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Children of God

September 23, 2015

COGIt’s not the gay love story that’s at the centre here, but pseudo-Christian homophobia that no film has so far taken this issue to such lengths.

” Children of God ” follows the trajectory of three characters: Lena, a conservative wife of a secretly gay evangelical preacher; Romeo, a young black man who must deal with hiding his sexuality from his family; and Jonny, a white Bahamian art school student who is figuring out his own identity.

In a statement, director Mortimer added, “This is a very important film for my country, the Caribbean region and the wider world. In a time where violence against gays and persons who are perceived to be gay at the forefront of everyone’s mind I hope our film can help illuminate some of the issues that drive persons to violence. I am very happy for TLA Releasing to be a home for our film and their level of excitement and commitment to the title assures me that ‘Children of God’ will be given the best possible chance to connect with an audience.”

Children of God” is the religious expression used by Christians to refer to human divinity as being all God’s Children.

Actual documentary footage details the mass hysteria that divides the Caribbean as some fundamentalists lead widespread rallies.

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