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September 23, 2015

CarrieThe Samaritans was set up because the Rev’d Chad Varah took the funeral of a girl who’d experienced her first period and believed it to be some sort of punishment for some evil she’d committed. Chad pushed for proper sex education so that young people would know what was happening to their bodies at puberty.

It’s amazing, therefore, that there is so much ignorance still around. I think parents should lose the right to withdraw their children from Sex Ed. because children are, otherwise, at the mercy of their parents’ ignorance and prejudices.

The film begins in the locker-room fill of teenage girls, including Carrie White (Sissy Spacek). Carrie gets her first period, and after becoming distressed, cries out for help. Instead of helping, the other girls ridicule and harass her. Teacher Miss Collins (Betty Buckley) rushes in to stop the commotion. White, who appears to be bottling extreme rage, snaps a light bulb. After questioning Carrie, Miss Collins realizes that Carrie is unaware of the concept of menstruation. Because of this, Miss Collins asks the school principal to excuse Carrie from gym class for a week because of the trauma. Upon her way home, Carrie uses her recently discovered telekinesis to stop a boy from teasing her. While at home, Carrie is tormented by her delusional mother (Piper Laurie), who locks Carrie in a closet and forces her to pray–she believes that Carrie received her period due to sinning.

This was the first Stephen King novel adapted into a movie.

In Carrie’s house, the statue of a religious figure shot with arrows represents St. Sebastian. It is not a crucifix.

Stephen King based Carrie White on two girls he knew while at school, both were social outcasts from deeply religious families and both died while still in their twenties.


Carrie 2Margaret White: [Referring to Carrie’s prom gown] Red. I might have known it would be red.
Carrie: It’s pink, Mama.
[Presenting corsage]
Carrie: Look what Tommy gave me, Mama. Aren’t they beautiful?
Margaret White: I can see your dirty pillows. Everyone will.
Carrie: Breasts, Mama. They’re called breasts, and every woman has them.


Margaret White: Carrie, you haven’t touched your apple cake.
Carrie: It gives me pimples, Mama.
Margaret White: Pimples are the Lord’s way of chastising you.
Carrie: [after long pause] Mama?
Margaret White: Yeah.
Carrie: Mama, please say that I’ve got t-to try and get along with people better.
Margaret White: [giggle] What are you going on about, Carrie?
Carrie: I’ve been invited to the prom.
Margaret White: [long pause, then looking sternly at Carrie] Prom?
Carrie: Yeah, the prom. Everyone’s goin …
Margaret White: It was that teacher that called, wasn’t it?
Carrie: Please see that I’m not like you, Mama, I’m funny
Carrie: . I mean, all the kids think I’m funny, and I don’t wanna be. I wanna be normal, I wanna start to try me, a whole person, before it’s too late for me to –
[Margaret throws tea on her face, Carrie wipes it off]
Carrie: His name is Tommy Ross, and he’s a very nice boy, Mama.
Margaret White: No.
Carrie: And he promised to come in and meet you …
Margaret White: I said no.
Carrie: – and he’d have me home by midnight and …
Margaret White: No, no, no, no!
Carrie: I’ve accepted, Mama! I accepted it!
Margaret White: Go to your closet.
Carrie: No!
Margaret White: [pause] After all you’ve been taught, Carrie?
Carrie: Everyone isn’t bad, Mama! Everything isn’t a sin!
Margaret White: Go to your closet and pray, ask to be forgiven.

Carrie: [coming down from upstairs, Margaret has called her down after the phonecall she received] Mama? Who was that, that called?
Margaret White: You’re a woman now.
Carrie: Why didn’t you tell me mama? [Margaret strikes her over the head with the “Woman’s Bible and begins to read a verse]
Margaret White: [reading] And God made Eve from the rib of Adam. And Eve was weak and loosed the raven on the world. And the raven was called sin. Say it, the raven was called sin.
Carrie: Why didn’t you tell me, Mama?
Margaret White: Say it. [hits Carrie in the face]
Margaret White: The raven was called sin.
Carrie: [Margaret hits her again] No, Mama. [hits Carrie again]
Carrie: And the raven was called sin!
Margaret White: And the first sin was intercourse. The first sin was intercourse.
Carrie: I didn’t sin, Mama.
Margaret White: Say it. [hits her again]
Carrie: I didn’t sin, Mama!
Margaret White: The first sin was intercourse. The first sin was intercourse. The first sin was intercourse.
Carrie: And the first sin was intercourse! Mama, I was so scared. I thought I was dying. And the girls, they all laughed at me and threw things at me, Mama. [Margaret hits her again]
Margaret White: And Eve was weak, say it!
Carrie: No!
Margaret White: Eve was weak!
Carrie: No!
Margaret White: Eve was weak, say it woman!
Carrie: No!
Margaret White: Say it!
Carrie: Eve was weak, Eve was weak.
Margaret White: And the Lord visited Eve with the curse, and the curse was the curse of blood!
Carrie: You should have told me, Mama! You should have told me!
Margaret White: [kneels down and grabs Carrie’s hand] Oh, Lord! Help this sinning woman see the sin of her days and ways. Show her that if she had remained sinless, this curse of blood would never have come on her!

Chris Hargenson: I want you to do something.
Billy Nolen: What?
Chris Hargenson: Something important. [unzips Billy’s pants and performs oral sex on him]
Chris Hargenson: Oh, Billy. Billy. Oh, Billy. Oh, Billy. Billy. Oh, Billy. Oh. Oh, Billy. I hate Carrie White.


Margaret White: I should’ve killed myself when he put it in me. After the first time, before we were married, Ralph promised never again. He promised, and I believed him. But sin never dies. Sin never dies. At first, it was all right. We lived sinlessly. We slept in the same bed, but we never did it. And then, that night, I saw him looking down at me that way. We got down on our knees to pray for strength. I smelled the whiskey on his breath. Then he took me. He took me, with the stink of filthy roadhouse whiskey on his breath, and I liked it. I liked it! With all that dirty touching of his hands all over me. I should’ve given you to God when you were born, but I was weak and backsliding, and now the devil has come home. We’ll pray.
Carrie: Yes.
Margaret White: We’ll pray. We’ll pray. We’ll pray for the last time. We’ll pray.







Margaret White: I’m here on the Lord’s work, Mrs. Snell; spreadin’ the gospel of God’s salvation through Christ’s blood!
Mrs. Snell: Yes, of course…



Margaret White: Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.

Margaret White: Go to your closet and pray!

At its heart, Carrie is not a ‘horror film’, but a film about horror.
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