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I Am Legend

September 17, 2015

IALYears after a plague kills most of humanity and transforms the rest into monsters (the Infected), Robert Neville, the sole human survivor and humankind’s last hope, struggles valiantly to find a cure and find a way to reverse the effects of the virus using his own immune blood. Neville has faithfully sent out daily radio messages, desperate to find any other survivors who might be out there. The Infected are mutant victims of the plague, who lurk in the shadows and watch Neville’s every move, waiting for him to make a fatal mistake. Time is running out.

Themes: suffering, sacrifice, salvation, faith.

In the background there are posters on the walls of some buildings reading, “God still loves us,” and similar messages. In another scene, a woman is seen offering a prayer to God for the protection of her children. More significantly, the female survivor claims that God told her to come to New York and insist that their meeting was no accident (she arrived just in time to save his life). However, Neville becomes angry saying, “There is no God! There is no God!” He further ruminates “God didn’t do this, we did.” She retorts, “God sent me here for a reason” and “if we listen, we can still hear God’s plan.” At a critical point late in the movie, Neville tells her, “I am listening.” Moments later he sacrifices his life to protect her. In this same scene he is seen shouting to the vampires, “I can save you! Let me save you!”

[while the Dark Seekers try to break through a plexiglass door in Neville’s laboratory] Neville: [screaming] I can help. I can save you. I can save everybody.



Anna: The world is quieter now. We just have to listen. If we listen, we can hear God’s plan.
Neville: God’s plan.
Anna: Yeah.
Neville: All right, let me tell you about your “God’s plan”. Six billion people on Earth when the infection hit. KV had a ninety-percent kill rate, that’s five point four billion people dead. Crashed and bled out. Dead. Less than one-percent immunity. That left twelve million healthy people, like you, me, and Ethan. The other five hundred and eighty-eight million turned into your dark seekers, and then they got hungry and they killed and fed on everybody. Everybody! Every *single* person that you or I has ever known is dead! Dead! There is no god!




[from trailer] Neville: God didn’t do this. We did!


Neville: [talking to Anna about Bob Marley] He had this idea. It was kind of a virologist idea. He believed that you could cure racism and hate… literally cure it, by injecting music and love into people’s lives. When he was scheduled to perform at a peace rally, a gunman came to his house and shot him down. Two days later he walked out on that stage and sang. When they asked him why – He said, “The people, who were trying to make this world worse… are not taking a day off. How can I? Light up the darkness.”



[last lines] Anna: In 2009, a deadly virus burned through our civilization, pushing humankind to the edge of extinction. Dr. Robert Neville dedicated his life to the discovery of a cure and the restoration of humanity. On September 9th, 2012, at approximately 8:49 P.M., he discovered that cure. And at 8:52, he gave his life to defend it. We are his legacy. This is his legend. Light up the darkness.

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