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Made in Dagenham

September 15, 2015

MIDSet in the Dagenham Ford factory in 1968, this upbeat comedy drama follows the campaign by a small minority of Ford employees – the women workers – who demanded and helped secure equal pay for women.


Women’s roles – The film highlights the place of women in 1960s. This period in our history saw an increased freedom in many areas of our society, including the questioning of traditional women’s roles. Social divisions – The three main female characters in the film are each from very different social classes. The film has a light touch with each character, but clearly dramatises the issues facing women in the maledominated Britain of the 60s.

Justice and fairness – Set in a pivotal time in our social history, Made in Dagenham identifies issues of justice and fairness and separates them from a purely feminist agenda.

Barbara Castle: I am what is known as a fiery redhead. Now, I hate to make this a matter of appearance and go all womanly on you, but there you have it. And me standing up like this is in fact just that redheaded fieriness leaping to the fore. Credence? I will give credence to their cause. My god! Their cause already has credence. It is equal pay. Equal pay is common justice, and if you two weren’t such a pair of egotistical, chauvinistic, bigoted dunderheads, you would realise that. Oh, my office is run by incompetents and I am sick of being patronised, spoken down to, and generally treated as if I was the May Queen. Set up the meeting!

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