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Nowhere Boy

September 14, 2015

NBA story of multiple loss, based on the true story of John Lennon’s teenage years. The film explores John Lennon’s upbringing and his relationships with the two women in his life.

Reactions to loss: ‘the stiff upper lip’ – The film is set in the 1950s – a time when we might think ‘the stiff upper lip’ style of coping with loss was more rife than it is now. The national outpouring of grief at Princess Diana’s funeral in the mid 90s perhaps signalled a change, indicating that the British were becoming more willing to show their emotions. But acceptable ways of handling tragedy and loss change only slowly

and we may still find ourselves under pressure to deny or carry them alone.

Reactions to loss: anger – Anger, especially anger that results in violence, is as common today as it was back in the mid-fifties. As we face the deaths of people who

are important to us, anger is often a factor.

Reactions to loss: fertile ground for inspiration? –

Many of our most inspired artists have grappled with mental health issues, depression or tragedy. The nature vs nurture debate often concludes that we are born with a predisposition or tendency for certain qualities and talents, but that as we grow, our

environment shapes us into what we become. This film reveals these forces at work, as we see the influences of friendships and tragedies on John Lennon bringing

out his natural creative gifts.

John: There’s just no point hating someone you love.
John: Why couldn’t God make me Elvis?
Julia: ‘Cause he was saving you for John Lennon!
John: Why do you know so much?I mean you don’t seem like the rock and roll kind of guy
Paul McCartney: What you mean because I don’t go around smashing things up and
Paul McCartney: acting like a dick?
John: Yea
Paul McCartney: No.It’s the music.That’s it,just music.Simple
Paul McCartney: [Paul strums Banjo softy]
John: What is this?Fucking group practice?I don’t think so.
Pete: John it’s your mum’s!
John: She’s fucking dead!
[headbutts pete and storms out]
John: [shakes fist humorously at the air] Oh i’ll get you back for that God!
John: Is nowhere full of geniuses, sir? Because then I do probably belong there.

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