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Mr. Stink

September 13, 2015

MSThis story by David Walliams is about a young girl called Chloe who befriends the local tramp, Mr. Stink. Chloe is a lonely 12 year old girl who thoroughly hates school because she is bullied by a group of ‘cool’ girls, unfortunately her home life is unhappy too and she has a turbulent relationship with her mother and sister. Over the Christmas period Chloe plucks up the courage to approach the local tramp – much to her mother’s disgust- and they strike up a relationship. Chloe secretly moves Mr. Stink into her garden shed whilst her mother is campaigning to become a local MP, he is discovered when he knocks on the window asking for breakfast when a local newspaper are interviewing Chloe’s mother, in turn she becomes a local hero for offering the tramp a place to stay, which lands her and Mr. Stink an interview on a televised panel show. Here it comes into light that Chloe’s mother lied about allowing Mr. Stink to stay in the shed and Chloe is rightfully introduced as the kind person that offered him the shed. The relationship between Chloe and her mother and sister is restored when Mr. Stink talks to Chloe’s mother and makes her realise that the relationship between mother and daughter should be a happy one and Mr. Stink leaves to continue to wander the streets.

“He seemed lonely too, not just alone, but lonely in his soul. That made Chloe sad. She knew full well what it was like to feel lonely. Chloe didn’t like school very much. Mother had insisted on sending her to a posh all-girls secondary school, and she hadn’t made any friends there. Chloe didn’t like being at home much either. Wherever she was she had the feeling that she didn’t quite fit in.”

“You mustn’t let bullies get you down.”

“Spending so much time alone had turned Chloe’s imagination into a deep dark forest. It was a magical place to escape to, and so much more thrilling than real life.”

“A bully can only make you feel bad about yourself if you let them.”

“Perhaps Mother was trying to shame her into losing weight. In truth, it only made Chloe more miserable, and being miserable only made her eat more. Filling herself up with chocolate, crisps and cake felt like being given a much-needed hug.”

Mr Stink:        (In a posh voice, which surprises Chloe.) What can I do for you, young lady? ( He stares at her slightly suspiciously.)

Chloe:             (Suddenly getting a bit frightened and also having to stop breathing through her nose because of the smell.) Erm, well, sorry to bother you . . .

Mr Stink:        (Impatiently.) Yes?

(Mr Stink looks like he wants to get away from her. His dog, Duchess, starts barking at her and makes her more frightened. Then he pulls Duchess’s lead to encourage her to be quiet.)

Chloe:             Well, my auntie sent me five pounds to buy myself a Christmas present. But I don’t really need anything so I thought I would give it to you.

(Mr Stink smiles. Then Chloe smiles. He looks like he’s going to accept and then looks down at the pavement.)

Mr Stink:        Thank you. Unimaginable kindness, but I can’t take it, sorry.

Chloe: (Confused.) Why ever not?

Mr Stink:       You are but a child. Five pounds? It’s too, too generous.

Chloe: I just thought . . .

(Both characters freeze at Chloe’s moment of puzzlement.)

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