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The Ghostwriter

September 8, 2015

TGa ghostwriter lands a lucrative contract to help former British prime minister Adam Lang rewrite his memoirs. The Ghost gets caught in the murky world of political power and cover-ups, and unearths secrets that put his own life in jeopardy. Themes:

Truth – The Ghost relentlessly seeks out the truth surrounding both the death of his predecessor and the circumstances surrounding the allegations made against former PM Adam Lang. Truth is often a costly commodity for those who seek to uncover and defend it. In The Ghost’s case, it costs him everything.

Secrets and lies – One of the problems with powerful people holding secrets is that those secrets can all too easily end up being protected by a web of lies. When truth is sacrificed for gain, the consequences are far-reaching and there will always be casualties along the way.

Politics and power – Accompanying any position of high office is huge responsibility. In the case of a prime minister difficult and sometimes unpopular decisions have to be taken. In The Ghost the implications of complex decisions made when in power come back to haunt Adam Lang.

The end title designer forgot to use punctuation when writing the end credits. This resulted in all assistants being listed as, e.g. “ass designer” or “ass painter”.

The Ghost is given a manuscript by Lang’s attorney. In the taxi he checks the number of pages: 624. Tony Blair’s memoirs ‘A Journey’, published in September 2010, also has 624 pages.

On the fence outside of Professor Paul Emmett’s house, a sign reads “Cyclops Security”. The Ghost is able to take a peek at Emmett’s letter, because there is only one security camera. This is a reference to the cyclopes of Greek mythology.

When Lang is being shown on live TV addressing the media, the ‘CNN’ strapline at the bottom of the screen refers to him as ‘Former BRISTISH Prime Minister”.
TG 2The Ghost: You wouldn’t happen to know if there are any flights leaving the airport tonight, would you?
Motel Receptionist: Not unless you’ve got your own private jet.
The Ghost: Ah, I lent it to my butler.
Motel Receptionist: Haha, oh you Brits!

The Ghost: Did you ever want to be a proper politician in your own right?
Ruth Lang: Of course, didn’t you want to be a proper writer?

Paul Emmett: [reacting to an old picture of Lang, taken in his college days with a marijuana joint] Let’s hope he didn’t inhale.
Paul Emmett: [about his wall of framed photos] Oh yes, the wall of ego. We all have one, our equivalent of the dentist’s fish tank.
Island Ferry Attendant: Single or return?
The Ghost: Return. I hope.
[first lines]
The Ghost: You realize I know nothing about politics.
Rick Ricardelli: You voted for him, didn’t you?
The Ghost: Adam Lang? Of course I did, everyone voted for him. He wasn’t a politician, he was a craze.
The Ghost: Well all the words are there, they’re just in the wrong order.
The Ghost: Forty thousand years of human language, and there’s no word to describe our relationship. It was doomed.

The Ghost: You ought not to be written out of history.
Ruth Lang: Why not? Most women are.
The Ghost: Then I’ll reinstate you. I’ll put in all the occasions that he’s forgotten.
Ruth Lang: How kind, like the boss’s secretary who remembers his wife’s birthday for him.
Paul Emmett: A less equable man than I might start to find your questions impertinent.
The Ghost: It’s my first time in a private jet.
Amelia Bly: Let’s hope it’s not your last.
Paul Emmett: I doubt it very much. The gate will open automatically. Be sure to make a right at the bottom of the drive. If you turn left, the road will take you deeper into the woods and you’ll never be seen again.
Adam Lang: Spare me the bleeding-heart bullshit! Do you know what I’d do if I was in power again? I’d have two queues at airports: one for flights where we’d done no background checks, infringed on no one’s civil bloody liberties, used no intelligence gained by torture. And on the other flight we’d do everything we possibly could to make it perfectly safe. And then we’d see which plane the Rycarts of this world would put their bloody kids on! And you can put that in the book!

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