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Possible anti-gay clobber text: Adam and Steve

August 3, 2015

Adam and Steve 2Those who say that ‘God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve’ don’t realise that this is not what the text says. God created ‘adamah’, which could be translated ‘groundling’ and that this saw what we would now call hermaphrodite. It is only when he is cut in two (tsela ‘rib’ nowhere else in the bible means ‘rib’ but ‘side’) that he differentiated into ish and isha.   The woman is to be a ‘helper’ but this does not make her inferior – God is also described thus so she could be deemed superior. That her ‘desire’ is to be towards her husband doesn’t man sexual desire; in a subsistence economy, her childbearing means her desire, her needs for food will depend on her husband’s toil.

Adam and Steve If God meant men to marry women, why did he give Adam choice, firstly of the animals. The divined blueprint, that which he saw to be very goods, is choice. So if a person chooses someone of the same gender, they are being faithful to ‘God’s plan’, not disobedient of it. In any case, Christians are called to imitate Christ, not Adam.

The idea that ‘the fall’ started sex is based on a Greek rendering of ‘flesh’ – sarx. This nuance isn’t found in the Hebrew.

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