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SCM Core Text World Religions

June 24, 2015

SCM WRFacts about religions – colourful ceremonies, ethical systems, political expression, organisation, doctrines

Miss heart of it.

Phenomenology – transcend informative.

To understand how somebody else experiences the world, have to take their inner experience seriously, which involves being aware that we have an inner experience of our own.

Most people don’t attend places of worship yet surveys show awareness of something else, outside themself.

Right brain – atrophied in post-Enlightenment concern for facts.

What felt like for Jesus to see dove

Muhammad to see archangel Gibreel

Moses and bush

Nanak in stream.

For believer to receive HC

be converted

go to Mecca

Uncovering layers of unconscious which influence us more than we realise.

Mozart regularly saw his compositions whole before wrote them down.

Scientific insight

Jung refers to imaging as transcendent function.

Opening door to spiritual side is not same as spiritual experience – it is invitation to simulate.

Can explore experience in disinterested manner.

Stories do this – racism story of Rita Patel; cancer story.

Holocaust film.

Gospel stories probably this.

like Zen koans.

TUOEBruno Bettleheim claimed fairy tales helped children explore inner tensions.

Jack and the beanstalk – negotiation of anxieties involved with physical and emotional changes from boyhood to manhood; Giant – father; mother and giant’s wife – father; beanstalk – penis

Little Red Riding Hood female equivalent.

These stories persist through cultures – Jack from medieval English, Cinderella C6 China

‘Little factories of understanding’ – Ted Hughes.

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