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Charley [aka The Girl Who Ran Away] – Joan G. Robinson

May 24, 2015

TGWRAA girl is sent to her aunt’s for holiday – she in given part of her aunt’s letter with the address on – but reads, below it the words ‘I don’t want her’ –so shed spends a week on her own in the woods as a runaway. Subsequently, it turns out that the other part of the letter, that she’d not seen, makes it read. ‘It’s not that I don’t want her but… and had suggested a different week from that originally planned – so Charley feels valued again. A good book for solitary kids who feel unwanted – also good descriptions of forward planning and scheming to get food with no money.

(Joan G. Robinson (1910–1988) was a British author and illustrator of children’s books. She published her first book for children in 1939 and followed on with a set of young adult novels, starting with When Marnie Was There, published in 1967 and shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal that year)


“I’ll run away,” said Charley, “that’s what I’ll do.”

The story of Lizzie Scrotten was a story of the bad old days, when poor people starved, and people without homes went tramping from workhouse to workhouse.

It was dawn when she woke properly. The sky was lightening and the air was full of the twitter of birds. She sprang up and scrambled through the hedge, which was hung with great glistening spiders’ webs.

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