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Reflections for Daily Prayer: Advent 2013 to Eve of Advent 2014

May 13, 2015

RFD2113 to 14This continues to be one of the more liberal daily bible reading notes, though some of the best contributors from last year have gone.

I am somewhat concerned that Catherine Williams, a selection secretary for ordinands, thinks that Candlemas Day happened eight days after Christmas. She is confusing circumcision with purification. She also makes the common mistake of thinking that healing on the Sabbath was against Jewish law.It is not. She has not caught up with the massive amount of modern scholarship. Such atrocious ignorance about Judaism and the Church’s year make me think I’ll not buy this book next time.

However she does say: Mary and Joseph temporarily lost their son. ……..It’s easy for us too, to take Jesus for granted — to expect him to be around and do the things we want and ask for. Sometimes we have to search for him again — prayerfully in worship and in the world round us. When we find him, he may unsettle us with his requests .and actions. What he calls us to do and be as we follow him may be surprising and challenging, but we can trust that he is calling us to join him in his Father’s business.

We have lost one good contributor from previous years, Martin Percey.

I still, despite my misgivings, recommend it to those whom I direct.

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