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The Sword of the Spirits by John Christopher

May 12, 2015

TSOTS2Last in trilogy. Luke, now crowned prince of Winchester’, seeks to demythologise the belief in spirits and reintroduce scientific advance. A fresh disaster cuts off all the enemy teritorritory so there need be no more war and civilisation can advance peacefully. He is not popular for this – he is too kind. The book ends with a hint that weapons are being designed and that the barriers between kingdoms will soon be broken down – so civilisation will, once more, advance to all-out war.


“I am a Christian, Luke.”

I started and laughed. “You jest! The truth you looked for was the truth of Science. […] Will you tell me now that you believe in this tale of a god born in a stable, out of the body of a maiden, who walked the earth performing wonders such as the Seers work in the Seance Hall, who died on a cross but three days later walked again, and who at last rose into the sky to sit among the stars and judge all men?”

“All that and more. Because Science gave no meaning to my life, but this does.”

TSOTS“You would always beat me; not so much because you are a better fighter as because you will not accept defeat.”
“It is because they are so strong that she hides her feelings.”
“And though I remember her name I cannot recall her face. All things pass.”
“What tricks the mind is what the mind is glad to be tricked by.”
“What men do matters more than what they know.”
“Truth does not surround itself with lies.”
“In the realm of dream and imagination all men are equal.”
“A man faced death, but when death drew back forgot it until the next time.”
“The order should not have been given,’ she said. ‘It was not done for the city but for your private ends.’

I shook my head. ‘There is no difference.’

You believe that?’

A Prince must, or he is no Prince.”

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