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The Unsheltered Heart: An At-Home Advent Retreat (Cycle A) – R. Raab

December 16, 2014

TUHAAlthough the book is billed as a self-conducted retreat, the questions and a bit repetitive and the content is a bit too earnest for me.

However, the author suggests that talking to one’s child can be a form of prayer, as can preparing a meal.


John the Baptist: challenged people to set new priorities, not because they would be con­demned, but because he did not want them to miss the love that God was offering them. … land he wakes me up again to the reality that I am not in charge of anyone’s life…. John’s voice is not easily heard or understood in Advent. I am confident that the companies that print Christmas cards would not remain in business if John the Baptist were the only image of Christmas preparation. In the center of cultural expec­tations of what Christmas is supposed to be, John does not rank among the cozy, comfortable images of the season. However, John calls us back to the authentic reasons why Jesus was once born in our midst and continues his saving work even in our day. .. I invite you to consider prayerfully the people that knock on your door and heart asking you for friendship and a helping hand. I am not asking you to solve every problem or to discover a solu­tion for every need. Here, ponder in prayer how you open your­self to others on the journey to God.

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